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Be part of this supportive community that will help you to embrace your entrepreneurial power using your mind, body and spirit

The Programme

Who is it for?

This forum is specifically geared towards women who are professionals, entrepreneurs or something in between. We recognised that there is so much more to building your career than the skills and qualifications, more to growing your business than the services/products that you offer.  And a lot of it is intangible, but can still have a major impact on your success. This is a platform to learn, share insights and experiences in order to provide support.

Book Club meetings

We will be hosting live monthly sessions (last Wednesday of the month).  These will be intimate sessions, guided by a panel of guests, where we can have meaningful conversations about a topic that is the focus area for the chosen book. You are not required to read the book beforehand because it is the conversation that is most important.

Types of books

Our goal for this forum is to bring to the forefront the non-technical, often intangible aspects of career-building and entrepreneurship. And this is what will inform the books that we choose for each session – everything from personal development to leveraging technology to building your personal brand.

October Meeting

The Book

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance

In this instant New York bestseller, pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth shows anyone striving to succeed – be it parents, students, educators, athletes, or business people – that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls ‘grit’.

Drawing on her own powerful story as the daughter of a scientist who frequently noted her lack of ‘genius’, Duckworth, now a celebrated researcher and professor, describes her early eye-opening stints in teaching, business consulting and neuroscience, which led to the hypothesis that what really drives success is not ‘genius’ but a unique combination of passion and long-term perseverance.

In Grit, she takes readers into the field to visit cadets struggling through their first days at West Point, teachers working in some of the toughest schools, and young finalists in the National Spelling Bee.  She also mins fascinating insights from history and shows what can be gleaned from modern experiments in peak performance.  finally, she shares what she’s learned from interviewing dozens of high achievers – from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff to Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll.


Among Grit’s most valuable insights:

  • Why any effort you make ultimately counts twice toward your goal
  • How grit can be learned, regardless of I.Q or circumstances
  • How lifelong interest is triggered
  • How much of optimal practice is suffering and how much ecstasy
  • Which is better for your child – a warm embrace or high standards
  • The magic of the Hard Thing Rule

Winningly personal, insightful, and even life-changing, Grit is a book about what goes through your head when you fall down, and how that – not talent or luck – makes all the difference.


What others have said about it

Profoundly important. For eons, we've been trapped inside the myth of innate talent. Angela Duckworth shines a bright light into a truer understanding of how we achieve.
Arianna Huffington, author of THRIVE
Masterful....Grit offers a truly sane perspective: that true success comes when we devote ourselves to endeavours that give us joy and purpose.
Barbara Fredrickson, author of POSITIVITY and LOVE 2.0 and president of the International Positive Psychology Association
The best part of this book is that before he wrote it, Chris Ducker lived it for decades, proving that a personal brand business is future-proof in the way no entrepreneur or business model has been before. There's no better time to 'rise' than now!

The featured guest

Carmen Bell

Bio coming soon! She promised…

What members have said

Thank you for creating a group that looks at specifically at women entrepreneurs. I was really inspired by the calibre of women who attended.
I see the potential for more networking as it grows. I also see the potential of learning from each other.
I cannot wait for the next one!
Your guest speaker was very open with her sharing and gave us insight into her challenges and successes, which really helped bring the conversation down to earth where ordinary guests can feel comfortable with sharing their own challenges and successes.
The short insight into the book was great giving one a clear idea of the highlights of the book

The whens & hows

Future Events Schedule

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Our book club events are scheduled to happen on the last Wednesday of every month.  Leave us with your details so that we can make sure that you are first in line to know about what is planned for each one.

Previous Meetings

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Featured Book
Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark
ABOUT THE BOOK - What does it take to create the career you want? It’s no secret that the world of work has changed, and we’re shifting toward an ever more entrepreneurial, self-reliant, work-from-wherever-you-are economy. That can be a liberating force, and many professionals dream of becoming independent, whether by starting their own businesses, becoming consultants or freelancers, or developing a sideline. But there’s a major obstacle professionals face when they contemplate taking the leap: how to actually make money doing what they love. You may have incredible talent and novel ideas, but figuring out how to get started, building your reputation in a new realm, developing multiple revenue streams, and bringing in a steady flow of new clients can be a daunting prospect. Dorie Clark, a successful entrepreneur and author, has done it all. And in Entrepreneurial You she provides a blueprint for professional independence, with insights and advice on building your brand, monetising your expertise, and extending your reach and impact online. In short, engaging chapters, she outlines the necessary elements and concrete tactics for entrepreneurial success. She shares the stories of entrepreneurs of all kinds—from consultants and coaches to podcasters, bloggers, and online marketers—who have generated six- and seven-figure incomes. This book will be your hands-on guide to building a portfolio of revenue streams, both traditional and online, so that you can liberate yourself financially and shape your own career destiny.
Featured Guest
Priscilla Morley
PRISCILLA is a Social Development Professional with over 15 years’ experience as Corporate Social Investment (CSI)/Sustainability Specialist, social researcher, evaluator, community based driven programme implementer, programme manager, programme assistant, research analyst and social worker. Her work experience spans across government (local and international), corporates, donors (local and international), community-based structures and individuals. She has experience in the development and delivery of capacity building (training needs assessment, curricula design, delivery of trainings/workshops, hands-on assistance) as well as the development of tools to support capacity building programmes. She is also a seasoned events coordinator having managed the implementation of several high-profile events.
Featured Book
Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One by Jenny Blake
ABOUT THE BOOK - Careers are not linear, predictable ladders any longer; they are fluid trajectories. No matter our age, life stage, bank account balance, or seniority, we are all being asked to navigate career changes much more frequently than in years past. The average employee tenure in America is just four to five years, and even those roles change dramatically within that time. Our economy now demands that we create businesses and careers based on creativity, growth, and impact. In this dynamic world of work, the only move that matters is your next one. Drawing from her own experience and those of other successful pivoters, Jenny Blake has created a four-stage process that teaches anyone how to seamlessly and continually: Double-down on existing strengths, interests, and experiences Find new opportunities and identify skills to develop without falling prey to analysis-paralysis and compare-and-despair Run small experiments to determine next steps Take smart risks to launch with confidence in a new direction This book is for anyone searching for an answer to the question, "What's next?" Whether you have hit a plateau in your perfect-on-paper job, are considering taking on a new role in your current job, are thinking about starting your own business, or you want to move into a new industry altogether, one thing remains clear: your career success depends on your ability to determine your next best move. If change is the only constant, let's get better at it.
Featured Guest
Robyn Christie
ABOUT ROBYN - An accomplished business woman with a career spanning almost four decades, Robyn Christie has embarked on a new journey and has a story to tell Highly regarded as an opinion leader in the South African Travel Industry, Robyn has an enlightened approach and unusual perspective on being a woman in business today. Her quirky sense of humour and gregarious personality catch many people's attention, but it is her heartfelt message and enthusiasm that truly resonate with her audiences. Whilst she is fascinated with the changing world and the digitisation of industries, Robyn believes that only those companies that continue to focus on building effective teams will enjoy long-term success in this challenging environment. Her proven track record, successfully working in a number of different organisations, holding an array of senior positions and leading diverse teams, is evidence that her versatile approach works. Robyn is a passionate South African embracing midlife with gusto; engaging with her on any level is entertaining, motivating and always informative.

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