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Welcome to the PaléMota blog and thank you for stopping by. PaléMota is a business whose philosophy is about sharing – experiences, information and insights. The underlying pillars are:

    • Personal development – this is about how understanding ourselves as people influences our interactions with the world around us. I believe that individual growth comes about as a result of knowing ourselves as individuals and learning – not just from our own experiences but from those of others as well.
    • Books  – reading is an amazing tool for entertainment, education, information and personal growth. I will be writing quite a bit about different kinds of books covering a range of topics – business, self-help and even works of fiction.  Any bookworms in the house?
    • Social Media – the online world is an amazing extension of our ‘in-real-life’ world and it allows us access to an abundance of information as well as scope to connect and interact. Most importantly, we can engage in the kind of sharing the likes of which has never been seen before.

That’s just a brief overview of what you can expect on this blog and I hope that you do become a regular visitor. But, just so you know, don’t be surprised to come across other complementary topics like entrepreneurship, parenting, relationships ….simply because I find them interesting.  Rule of thumb – if there is a book about it, it’s more than likely that you’ll find it discussed here at one point or another.

And me.

Palesa MotanyaneI am the founder of PaléMota, a move that was inspired by my need to do something purposeful with my life, something that would be rewarding, not just in terms of fulfilling my passions but also financially as well.  So my intention is to craft something that would satisfy my needs, but also to add value and serve those that I encounter in my personal and business life.

I am a Joburg girl, born and bred (mostly) with a strong Basotho core..keMofokeng oa Maotoana finyela, Oa Morareli’a Phohole, Oa Maotoana a kaa ka linaleli.  Maybe I’ll explain what all that means in an actual blog post one day.  Suffice it to say, it explains my roots going back generations.

I started my adult life wanting to be in and make movies, but in actuality things turned out quite different. I have worked mostly as a public relations specialist for a number of the big agencies here in Johannesburg and I’ve also had some corporate gigs as well. I can honestly and truly say that who I am today is an amalgamation of all of those experiences that have been shaped by both dreams and reality.

I am a single mom to a rambunctious five-year-old boy (soon to be six) who behaves like he’s 50.  I often find myself wondering if he understands that I am the parent.  Regardless, he remains the love of my life.

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