What’s on my reading list 25 May 2018

#ReadingList 25052018
Entrepreneurial You: Monetise your expertise, create multiple income streams, and thrive by Dorie Clark
 I first came across Dorie Clark on one of the many podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis and that led me down a proverbial rabbit hole – I googled her to find out more about who she is, the work she does and the book’s she’s written.  In Entrepreneurial You, the latest in a series of three, she tries to answer the question how can you create a long-term sustainable business that rewards you emotionally, intellectually and financially? Dare I say, this is a pervasive question for many professional women who dare not leave their stable jobs for the unchartered waters of self-employment?  I’ve already gotten my hands on this one and have put her other two in this series (Reinventing You and Stand Out on my reading list, definitely to be read in the coming months.
Big Fear: Creative living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
I haven’t read anything by Elizabeth Gilbert since her breakout first novel Eat, Pray, Love and watched the subsequent movie.  I also bought and downloaded Committed a while back, but I’m yet to read it…will get to it eventually.  But this one speaks to me just based on the title.  Experience has taught me that fear is something that never goes away. It often shows up in the most unexpected ways and it can be hugely debilitating if you don’t learn to manage it.  So I’m looking forward to seeing what Ms Gilbert and her cohort of interviewees, many of whom undoubtedly appear fearless,  have to say about on the subject.
The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish
I’d never heard of her until the movie Girls Trip came out in 2017.  She’s pretty, she’s funny and from what I’ve heard of her life story, she sounds like an amazing and brave individual who has overcome a whole lot to become the darling of Hollywood.  I downloaded a sample of the book and got to read the first few pages – her writing style is just so her.  So going through the book really does sound like she’s right there next to you telling you the whole story herself.
The Black Widow Society by Angela Makholwa
I literally found a copy of this book lying around the house a couple of weeks ago – no idea how it got there or who it belongs to.  But I firmly believe that the universe puts things in your path for a reason and so I’ve chosen to add this to my reading list.  It’s been a while since I read any of Ms Makholwa’s work and I have to say, being roughly the same age, I always find her work so familiar – largely because it’s typically set in South Africa with female protagonists and I can usually find small pockets which are reflections of me in her stories. 

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