Four reasons to invest in You Inc.

Food for Thought: Four reasons to invest in you inc.

I remember back in the late 2000s I called a friend to ask about coaching (I don’t mean the sports kind) as a profession.  Being in HR I reckoned she would be in touch with all things to do with the development of people, especially within organisations.  Her response? She’s not heard much about it and she wasn’t sure if it would be a viable route to follow.  And now, everywhere you turn you come across a coach of one kind or another. Well friend, there is definitely a need because people are signing up for coaching services left, right and centre.

Speaking of which, why are people interested in signing up with a coach?  Be it for their life in general, for starting or improving their business or moving their career forward. In my view, the bottom line is this:  it is about getting a far greater  return on the particular area of your personal or professional  life.  Let’s look at four main reasons why so many people are recognising the need to make this kind of investment in their personal life specifically.

Replenish – for the simple reason that we need to fill up on what has been depleted. Life can hit you upside the head, every which way from here until next Sunday.  If you do not have the reserves to withstand those blows, then you are done for. Each one will knock you down until you can’t get up anymore.  Then you are no good to anybody, especially yourself.

Finding balance in life  – one of nature’s laws is for all things to be in a state of equilibrium in order to function at optimal levels for prolonged periods. If you keep dumping garbage on You Inc. and constantly take out the good stuff, you’ll eventually be left with an unmanageable mess. If you continue to brew toxins in your body, neglecting to cleanse, the body collapses. Same with your mental and emotional state. Not only do we lose energy and momentum, but the focus and direction also disappear. That is the kind of trouble you don’t want.

Putting you first – if you don’t who will? Whose responsibility is it to see to it that you are well nourished, rested, emotionally and mentally stable? Only you can know where the most pressing needs are and prioritise accordingly. Others will prioritise according to what’s important and what matters to them, leaving you in a vicious cycle of energy depletion.

Growth & development – nobody enjoys being stuck in the same rut indefinitely.  It makes us miserable! That’s what happens when you don’t make an effort to learn to approach and deal with things differently, figure out what went wrong and how things can be done differently in the future; you just keep making the same mistakes. And you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Having said all of that, it is interesting to observe that in the coaching community the services that seem to be most in demand are for business and professional support.  General life coaching is not quite as in demand – not because it’s not needed, but because people are generally focused on starting and/or growing their businesses or improving their careers. And that’s where I think the mistake is, focussing only on specific areas and neglecting the wellbeing of the person as a whole.  You Inc., as referred to in the title of this article, underpins all other areas of your life.  So recognising and reviewing (or neglecting to) the habits, trends and blockages at that level, often leads to insights that can have lasting impact and influence on how you show up in business, your professional environment, as a parent, in your romantic and other relationships.

Food for thought: how have you invested in You Inc. in the last 3 months?  And why that particular approach?  You can give your responses in the comments below.

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  1. Very thought provoking article that resonated with me. I’m going to make getting a life coach a priority in the very neat future.

    1. Hi Brenda, thank you so much for sharing how the article made you feel. I love that it is spurring you towards positive action.

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